We Value

Basic Principles of VRPL’s Business Activity for Creating People, Products and Society.

  • Serve the best available products to customers. (Quality)
  • Strive for zero accident without compromising safety. (Safety)
  • Accept every challenges in business (Ambitions)
  • Be humble and sincere in everything we do. (Sincerity)
  • Greet each other with smile and be cheerful and friendly. (Cheerful workplace)
  • Develop the team with Can Do Attitude (Innovation)
  • No effort, no success : no success, no business (Efforts)
  • Devote people's knowledge to produce the sustainable quality products to contribute to society (Contribution to society)
  • Eliminate waste and inefficiency to increase efficiency. (Improvement)
  • Believe in, respect and think of fellow workers. (Trust)