Manufacturing Process

VRPL's efficient and safe production line creates a number of high-quality products.

Our high technology production line meets the strict needs of the market. We are making efforts to create a comfortable plant environment and produce efficient and high-quality products.

Plant is equipped with the integrated process line (including hot forging) ensures mass production.

SFT Plant is equipped with all facilities necessary for mass production. In the Forging Workshop, forging formers are used for hot forging. Then products are manufactured on the integrated process line (consisting of Annealing Workshop, Shot Workshop and CNC Turning Workshop)

  • Designing and Mfg. Dies

    Designing and Mfg. Dies

  • Hot forging

    Hot forging

  • Spheroidizing annealing

    Spheroidizing annealing

  • Shot blast (Outside)

    Shot blast (Outside)

  • CNC turning

    CNC turning

  • Packing