Our Plant

We introduce world-level technologies into our integrated production system to manufacture bearing parts.

adopts the integrated production system to manufacture high- precision bearing parts. We have established efficient and productive processes to meet the high requirements. Introduction of a new hot forging technology has significantly increased productivity of bearing parts. We are working toward further increasing productivity.

To meet requirements of today’s high-performance machine products, we are making daily efforts to build a high-precision, high-efficiency production system.

Manufacturing Facilities

Facility Number of Lines OD Height Width Weight (Max.) Production Capacity
in MT (Monthly)
Conventional Ring Rolling 1 Ø70mm to Ø200mm up to 65mm 20mm to 65mm 1.5 Kgs 80 MT
Conventional Screw Press Line 1 Ø35mm to Ø75mm up to 45mm up to 20mm 0.7 Kgs. 80 MT
Anneling 1
(Top - 2 Nos.)
All All All - 150 MT
CNC Turning
(Group of Company)
20 Ø15mm to Ø200mm up to 65mm up to 65mm 1.5 Kgs. 06 Lack Rings