Quality Standards

The quality control system improves the development & mass production system of Production Division.

Complete quality & process control based on our own strict standards. VRPL is confident of producing only perfect products to meet customer needs

Building “VRPL Brand” through the strict quality control system.

VRPL has created Quality Control Section as a plant management system. which is used to inspect dimensions, forms, surface roughness, roundness and appearance to check if the products are manufactured at customer’s requests.

Our role is to offer only reliable quality products to our customers.

Section for manufacturing technology are set up to manufacture products through product planning, facilities & process planning and maintenance, adapting to product development and mass production.

Each process has its own quality standard; only non-defective products proceed to the following process, thus increasing process quality. We adopt the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) management cycle in all share common awareness of problems among Sections. We strongly support “Built-in Quality” through “Total Quality Management”.

For quality control, our qualified skilled workers carefully inspect products by using a variety of testing equipment (including 3D measuring instrument, shape measuring instrument, hub testing equipment, hardness tester and projector)

We hold “Presentation Meetings on Results and Feedback of Improvement Activities” to improve skills of our engineers. Thus we offer only products created through strict quality & process control.